Sony Talent League is back!

This is the time to step up and bring your innovative ideas to life.

Introducing the first-ever in-person Bootcamp final.

And the winner is

A round of applause for

Siu Lan and the Magic Cookbook


Magic Cookbook

Don Don


Gina Chu & Ephan Joseph

When Monsters Wither


The Gardeners of Monsters

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“Artist” is a big word. It’s scary to claim you’re one of them.

Until you decide it’s not.

Get those innovative ideas out of your head and share them with the world.

Turn them into a reality.

Sony Talent League was created to empower innovative ideas and give you access to the tools you need to fulfill your creative potential, overcome all blocks and empower your talent.

Empowering your vision

Sony Talent League is not a competition, it’s an opportunity to get yourself and your innovative ideas out into the world.

  • Funding up to 10.000€

  • Nine weeks of online mentorships

  • Three-day in-person bootcamp

  • Pitch your project in front of real investors

  • A full ride to the next THU event

How to be a part of Sony Talent League III

You are eligible if:

You’re a creator between the ages of 18 and 35.

Your idea relates to digital art and mixes more than one creative field, such as animation, film, games, VR, VFX, digital photography, mixed media, and so on.

About your submissions

You can apply individually or as a part of a group (maximum of 4 people).

Submit as many ideas as you like, as long as they are new or in the pitching phase. Only one of those ideas will be selected.

The rights to your ideas will always be yours. If you are selected, you will remain in total control of the project and maintain your creative freedom.


October 17, 2022
Submissions open
December 9, 2022 (23:59 Lisbon time)
Deadline for submissions
December 12 — December 22, 2022
Entries’ selection process
December 23, 2022
Top 5 finalists announcement
January 9 — March 10, 2023
Online mentorships
March 21, 2023
Final pitch launch
March 23, 2023
Winner announcement
July 13 — July 15, 2023
Bootcamp with the top 5 finalists (in-person)

THU & Sony

Sony Talent League is not a competition, it’s an opportunity to get yourself and your innovative ideas out into the world.

THU & Sony joined forces to build a challenge that encourages and nurtures creativity, helping a new wave of talent to realize their potential by going beyond their self-limiting beliefs.

We share a common purpose of supporting creators and believe that creativity has the power to move the world forward. That’s why Talent League is more than just a challenge - it’s a meaningful initiative to find, educate and empower talent.