Asako Tomura


Tomura is a content-plus-sustainability professional, with a particular focus on the integration of advanced technology into new experiences, entertainment, and social issues.


Tomura started her career at Shiseido in advertising. She then joined Sony Corporation in 2001, and while employed at Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) and at Aniplex, Inc., oversaw the launch of the digital content distribution business for film and animation from 2004 to 2009. She then served as head of CSR Innovation at Sony's headquarters from 2010 to 2014, where she led projects that leveraged technology to address social issues. She also acted as community manager of creators for Sony's Life Space UX, within the task force of the CEO in 2015. Currently, she oversees advanced content development, Sci&Tech communication and sustainability technology strategy. In addition, she served as planning director for Ars Electrinica 2021 Garden Tokyo and as a member of the jury for the European Commission's STARS Prize 2021 innovation award. As a visiting researcher at the University of Tokyo, she researches the collective creativity of artists and engineers. M.S. in Chemistry and Master of Media Arts from Keio University. Tomura received an Award for Sound installation Acoustic Vessel Odyssey, the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival Entertainment Division Jury Selections, 2018.