THU Creators Circle

Building a new generation of entrepreneurs within the Digital Entertainment Industry.

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July 13-16, 2023

Campus La Mola, Barcelona

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Creators Circle

First edition wrap up

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This was the first step of something truly special.

A safe space where artists and entrepreneurs could share and learn from each other, taking control of their skills and turning them into valuable assets.

Hope to see you soon at the next Creators Circle!


Bridging the gap between art and business. Showing how to:

Bring projects to life

Become a better entrepreneur

Turn ideas into opportunities

Embark on a learning experience

Connect through immersive networking

Activities included:

Pitch training sessions
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A different approach

Think of a 3-day bootcamp where you first...


Absorb knowledge by networking, attending talks, and being a part of mentorships.


A hands-on approach where you can explore your idea, attend workshops, and enrich your skill set.


Develop your pitch, get feedback and present it to investors.

The Creators Circle approach focuses on the following topics:

Business development
Management process
Production process
Brand Strategy
Business ethics
Legal protection

Who is the event for?

Creators, artists, entrepreneurs, managers, and future leaders in the digital entertainment industry

Looking to step up your leadership skills, know more about the Digital Entertainment Industry, or find your voice in the business world? This is for you.

The company helping us shape the future of the industry, and joining us in this mission!

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Gender equity is one of our concerns, as there's a lack of women in leadership positions in the Digital Entertainment industry. Our sponsorship programed adressed that concern and brought more women to the table.

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These aren't only accomplished leaders, they're people eager to help and make a positive impact in the industry

  • Avatar for Ann Le Cam

    I am excited to share some of my learnings with the participants and give them some advice I wish I had received when I was younger and at the start of my journey.

    Ann Le Cam

  • Avatar for Vicki Dobbs Beck

    After 30 years with Lucasfilm, I have learned a lot and I now try to give back to the community through mentorship, particularly of young women.

    Vicki Dobbs Beck

  • Avatar for Gina Nelson

    I'll be sharing insights about my experiences, from coming up with an idea that works, pitching and landing investment, and then growing and building a studio from the ground up.

    Gina Nelson

Our venue

This was where the magic happaned. An all inclusive stay at Campus la Mola

Located in Barcelona, Campus La Mola was the center of our Circle and the place we called home for 3 days.

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Our allies

Together with some of the best universities, we spread the word to talent across the world