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Dilruba Tayfun

Film – Games – Animation – VR

About this project

What if you could take any object, scan it and turn it into a digital brush to use on any device?
Togather is a platform where anyone can make and share their custom digital brushes inspired by real-life objects. Share the objects and their stories in the library. Download the files for use in Photoshop and Procreate. Or just browse the gallery of artworks created using the brushes. Our mission is to encourage users to appreciate and see our living planet with fresh eyes and we're doing this through 3D brushes. Participating in Togather means that you can provide someone on the other side of the world with a tool that is free, unique and speaks of the location it was found at without it having to leave its home on the ground. It also means that you can create and learn through their findings. Inspiration is abundant. The more we can take away boundaries to how we create, we can incorporate the world around us. Literally bring the OUTSIDE in. Check out the Togather website, download the free brushes, create your own and share your art. Get ready to expand the possibilities of what you can create. Gather. Make your mark.

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Dilruba Tayfun

Meet the team

Togather is led by founder & Creative Director Dilruba Tayfun. She is an Amsterdam-based Jr. Graphic designer at TomTom by day and by any other moment hoping to show the magic and stories in our environments through mark-making. During STL Dilruba recruited her neighbour conceptual and visual artist & designer Ruben de Haas as Assistant Creative Director. The two never worked together until the league, but a twig-in-a-vase in Ruben's home and their shared interests in mark-making and the environment sealed the deal. Our third and final member of Togather is product and digital designer Marie-Claire Springham on UX Design & Research. Marie-Claire has a passion for sustainability and Human Centered Design. She shared two graduations with Dilruba, a decade of tea, toast and tunes and multiple collaborative projects. A fruitful, creative friendship and history to say the least. This is a pretty unlikely team, working together for the first time, but it's proved to be an unforgettable one. Like that ingredient in Pixar films. Unexpected, challenging and eccentric!

As Team Togather we gathered in Amsterdam; but extended our arms to far and beyond it. Our collaborators & contributors tuned in from Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Canada.. the list goes on. Finally, we have one particular collaborator who we have to thank for documenting and helping us tell our story as the project unfolds from day 1 - our friend, photographer, videographer and editor Ari Snow, Creative Director at xStudio Snow.

  • Dilruba Tayfun

  • Marie-Claire Springham

  • Ruben de Haas


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