When Monsters Wither

The Gardeners of Monsters

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When Monsters Wither is an animated feature film project for the whole family. Imagine that you could plant your emotions and make them grow into monsters. That’s what a bunch of kids have been doing in the Secret Garden of Monsters, a magical and playful place where they learn how to deal with these creatures born of their emotions. But it’s very important to take good care of the monsters, because if you don’t, they can get sick and become something dangerous and fearsome: they become withered. The movie tells the story of Hugo, a teenager who avoids confronting his feelings, who has to take care of his little brother Nico because their parents aren’t at home, a very common situation for them. But this time, it’s going to be different, because Nico is going to bring something new to home: his own monster. And things don’t go as planned so the monster runs away, getting lost in the dark of the forest. This will lead Hugo and Nico on a journey to find him, but also to face their biggest fears and to deal with their own emotions.

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