Harvey Newman

United Kingdom

Head of Animation at Avalon Corp Harvey Newman is a Video Games Animation Director


Harvey Newman is an experienced Animation Director with a passion for creating games, telling stories, and helping others. He has worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, and has worked at a number of different studios, including Build a Rocket Boy, DICE, Creative Assembly, Axis, Lionhead, Crytek, and Eurocom. Some of his major works include Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield, Horizon Zero Dawn, Total War Warhammer, Fable, Crysis, and Goldeneye. Harvey creates videos for his YouTube channel in order to help teach emerging Animators worldwide, with a mission to create pathways for them. He also loves to play and discuss games, as well as watch and review films. He also loves to explore new technologies and outlets for creativity, and prides himself on being an innovative person. He believes in the power of collaboration, and strives to create amazing visuals and experiences for everyone.