THU Career Camp 2022 - March 08,09,10

THU’S online networking event is back - and it’s free!

Give your career a boost!

Find jobs, access new opportunities, and get mentorships and portfolios reviews.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in your creative journey: a chapter of learning, growth, and career development.

Give your career a boost!

Recruitment Sessions
Recruitment Sessions

Interview slots where recruiters can get to know you and see if you match their company's needs.

Mentorship and portfolio reviews
Mentorship and portfolio reviews

Mentors look through your portfolio to give insights that enrich your work (group and individual).

Career Development Sessions
Career Development Sessions

Talks given by mentors and recruiters, with Q&A, to help you develop your career.

Technical Tracks (new)
Technical Tracks (new)

Workshops and tutorials designed to help you use the industry's most powerful tools and improve your skills.


Submit an idea for a talk you’d like to give and, if the Tribe likes it, you’ll get the chance to present during the event.

Give your career a boost!

Tickets are free and everyone can be a part of the Camp. You just have to apply!

If you attended the Main Event or the previous edition of Career Camp, there’s no need to do it! You are automatically entitled to two Career Camp passes: one for you, and another for a friend or creator you admire.

Not sure if this event is for you? Career Camp is open to all artists and creators of the digital entertainment industry, including game developers, animators, riggers, 3D and 2D artists, VFX and concept artists, programmers, designers, and more. Go for it!

Give your career a boost!

They are confirmed and eager to meet you

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More To Be Announced!

Give your career a boost!
Give your career a boost!

    Step by Step

    Here’s how you can make the most of the Career Camp!

    Step 1

    Get a Career Camp Pass!

    Give your career a boost!
    Step 2

    Make sure your portfolio & profile are ready on the THU website.

    Step 3

    Apply to job offers and mentorships.

    Step 4

    If you're selected, book your slots.

    Step 5

    Welcome to Career Camp, an intensive 72-hour bootcamp of non-stop networking and inspiration!


    Step by Step

    Career Camp was born in 2020 when the Tribe started reaching out about the way the pandemic was impacting their lives and careers.

    What started as a way to give our community access to opportunities and the incredible THU network, quickly grew to become one of the biggest online events focused on recruiting and mentoring. It's also one of our most important projects: more than a human approach to online networking, this Camp is a tool that allows us to help creators worldwide, especially those who don't have the resources to travel and access these kinds of opportunities.

    We created Career Camp because we believe in you and your talent.

    Enjoy this safe place to express it freely!

    Give your career a boost!