About Fortiche

Fortiche is a creative production company and a studio able to take in charge of every step of animation movies.

Based in Paris, Montpellier and Las Palmas (Spain), our ambition has no limits or borders and neither does our talents!

Producers, directors, storyboard artists, animators, compositors and editors are all in house and work all together from concept to final project delivery.

The studio's unique graphic style blending 2d and 3d media are at the heart of the #fortichetouch.


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Some of the 9 jobs offers by Fortiche

  • Matte painter / 2D color decors

    Paris (France)

    Full time

    Middle and senior

  • Concept artist / Look dev / Illustrator


    Full time

    Middle and senior

  • FX3D Supervisor

    Paris (France)

    Full time

    Senior with at least a first experience in department supervision

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