La Tribu Animation

About La Tribu Animation

La Tribu Animation is an artist-oriented studio whose main goal is to achieve excellence in all its projects with human and life quality.


Founded by an artist and a sociologist, La Tribu works in three territories that constantly support each other: Art & Stories, home of the storytellers and artists; Tech & Science, home of the engineers, TDs and sociologists; and Admin & Care, focused on the care and well-being of the tribe.


Our innovative working methodology is based on sociology and behavioral science and aims to improve digital production environments enhancing a good interaction between artistic, technical and management profiles.

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Some of the 8 jobs offers by La Tribu Animation

  • Layout 3D Artist

    Valencia, Spain

    Full time

    all levels

  • Set Modelling Artist

    Valencia, Spain

    Full time


  • Art Director

    Valencia, Spain

    Full time

    art director, supervisor

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