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About Pigeon Pictures

We craft worlds full of stories that awake your inner kid!

We will be the world-leading source of entertainment and creativity that inspire people through stories well told in countless ways. That's our vision statement.

That is why we are involved in film production. But we also do cross-media work. We are building our own IP extended to: high-budget board games, our own analogue RPG, literary publishing ( multi-volume sagas as well as comic books).


As a result of the involvement of production teams with years of experience and the cooperation with global experts, the company is currently coordinating several feature film projects at high budgets. Each project is based on an original concept.

We have several productions in the development stage. By 2023, we should see the first results of our efforts.

They will be seen by millions of people around the world in the coming years.

Let’s meet on the red carpet.

Some of the 7 jobs offers by Pigeon Pictures

  • 3D Character Artist




  • Animator 2D


    Full time


  • Animatic/Layout Artist


    Full time


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