How can something so personal echo the voice of millions? The articulative power of art is something that can’t be dismissed. Its ability to translate into an image the textual equivalent of 500 pages is absolutely disarming, and those who share this ability should know the responsibility that comes with it.

The power to defy general expectations and bring new light to never before seen angles is one you might not be aware of, but we can do our part to try and unlock that achievement.

Golden Ticket defies you to ask questions and make sense of the world through your vision. We’ve reached out to our jury members and past winners with one question “What’s the role of artists in society?”. These are their takes on the subject.


José Alves da Silva
THU Knight / 3D Character Artist

An artist is someone who has the capability to show the world from a different point of view. You are a thinker; you have a critical attitude towards everything that surrounds you and express it in an original way. The diversity of points of view from artists, and the many ways they convey those ideas to the public, are definitely a force that can help shape the world and society.


Marc Simonetti
THU Knight / Concept Artist and illustrator

It's fundamental. We're story-driven monkeys. Our society is based on myth and abstract concepts that we all share, like justice, the value of money, heroes, religions, and legends. We artists share and spread those myths across society and can completely help shape our world.


Victor Hugo Queiroz
THU Knight / VisDev 3D Artist

The artist has the ability to speak in a universal language that is art. For me, having this kind of ability also means the power to vocalize and touch people's hearts, and that's where the changes begin: from the inside.


Sabine Engelhardt
THU Knight / Scent Designer

When societies are losing their bearings - as it seems today - the deep, philosophical questions are surfacing again. May it be the coming climate catastrophe, racism, the pandemic, or even war, we have to learn to feel and think anew. Who are we as a species, what do we want to be, and do we have free will as individuals or agency as a collective to alter our fate?

These questions cannot be understood through modern tools like AI, customer research, or Design Thinking. Science will not give you an answer. Politics will add to the confusion.

In this situation, artists may act as Avant Garde, opening minds without the need to argue and rationalize. It could be a Dystopian or Utopian setting or pure fantasy; meaningful artwork can open people's minds. To do so requires not only creativity and talent but also bravery. Artists are risk takers.


THU Knight / Painter, Concept Artist, Photographer, Sculptor & Poet

The role of an artist is to courageously reach into the fertile solitude for their most authentic thoughts, ideas, and feelings and share them with fellow human beings in the most authentic creative way.

Without a single word, artists can express their innermost abstract emotions and concepts, which we all share as humanity. Thanks to art, people connect with their deeper selves, usually obscured by the external noise of everyday life. By showing our authentic selves, we invite others to open up and be themselves, too, and with that comes understanding, empathy, and care.

Through art, we also learn to be more aware and see how things are connected in this world.


Marcelo Simonetti
THU Knight / Concept Illustrator & Graphic Designer

I believe the role of artists is key to changing society. From writing to painting, to games and movies. Artists can deliver strong messages that can reach a significant number of people.

There are many ways to promote change through art. Build consciousness, fight gender inequality, fight the fear of what's different and the discrimination of sexual orientation, gender identity, racism, and all the prejudices that burden our society.

It's not enough to have clean air and happy animals if we humans don't protect and respect each other. The new Pixar movie (Lightyear) shows a scene where moms show affection and kissing, which was banned in 14 countries. On the other hand, I read testimonies from children that actually have two moms that couldn't believe that their everyday reality was reflected in a mainstream movie for children. This is a bold statement from Pixar artists and creators and an example to follow. Luckily, marriage equality here in Uruguay has been legal since 2013 and new generations are more open minded and tolerant.


Bjorn Hurri
1st Place Golden Ticket Winner 2018: Professionals Category / Lead Artist

I believe, as an artist, we should try to reflect on the world as we see it and give others a chance to see the world from a new point of view.


Tiago Sousa
3rd Place Golden Ticket Winner 2019: Professionals Category / Concept Artist

Although sometimes we don't realize it, art influences us everywhere. Not only regarding entertainment, which already has a significant role in keeping our sanity in our daily life, but it is always fomenting discussion about fundamental issues in our world.

As you can see, there’s much to be gained with putting yourself out there and letting your particular voice echo into the world is much to be gained. Right now, we have the perfect excuse for you to channel your creativity and become an agent of change, and that’s our Golden Ticket. This is your chance to win a all-expenses paid trip to THU2022, as well as a bunch of other cool prizes, but you have to hurry, submissions end on July 31st!