The 2024 edition of CG Architect 3D Student Award was a hit, and we’re proud to be a part of it! With so many talented 3D artists in our community, it only made sense to bring this contest to the Tribe.

We talked to Rick Eloy, who manages CGArchitect, about his vision on the challenge, and André Luís, THU co-founder, on this collaboration. We are hosting the award ceremony and revealing the winners on the THU Platform on June 26 (time and program to be announced), so keep reading to find out more and join us for this moment!


The CGarchitect 3D Awards have been a beacon of excellence within the field of 3D architectural visualization. Could you explain what ingredients set the 2024 3D Student Awards apart from other competitions? What's unique about what it offers its audience?

Rick: After 19 years, we felt it was time to introduce a fresh perspective tailored specifically for students. The 3D Student Awards are designed from the ground up to cater to young individuals entering the industry. Unlike many contests, we feature categories like Best Academic Presentation and School of the Year, which engage students and academic institutions uniquely. Additionally, we've set an age limit of 18 to 30 years to ensure the participation of newcomers.


"Our main goal is to discover, recognize, and celebrate the future leaders of our industry."

Rick Eloy, CG Architect Program Manager


How does the CGarchitect 3D Awards Challenge benefit the large architectural visualization community?

Rick: Being a 3D artist can often be isolating, a sentiment that has grown since the pandemic. The 3D Awards foster a sense of community by connecting artists globally, who may be facing similar challenges and needs. Celebrating these talents strengthens our sense of belonging, empowers artists, and, consequently, fortifies the entire industry.


How does THU contribute to the broader significance of the 3D Awards Challenge?

Rick: THU is renowned for its transformative impact on artists' careers, aligning perfectly with CGarchitect's mission through the 3D Awards. The partnership for the student-exclusive edition of the awards was a natural fit, as both organizations strive to transform and enhance the careers of emerging artists, thus strengthening the industry.

André: It’s very important for us to cater to the needs of creators from all levels of seniority, because we want to be a part of every step of the journey in our tribe’s path. We’ve been embracing this mission for more than a decade, and couldn’t be happier to have a community of more than 30.000 people from 180 countries.


"Supporting this student-exclusive edition meant connecting young professionals with opportunities and tools so they can develop their craft."

André Luís, THU Co-founder


Are there any joint initiatives or activities planned between CGarchitect and THU as part of the 3D Awards Challenge?

Rick: Absolutely! We are excited to announce that the awards ceremony will take place on June 26, hosted on THU's online platform. The event will feature a special presentation by a THU speaker, adding significant value and offering attendees a glimpse into the transformative experiences THU offers. 

André: Hosting the awards ceremony at the THU Platform on June 26 is a great way to create a moment where we can all connect digitally, no matter where we’re from. We will soon reveal the THU speaker and can’t wait to share more with everyone. For those who are not yet familiar with the THU Platform, it’s our all-in-one digital platform that offers guidance, career and entrepreneurship opportunities within creative industries.

Thank you, Rick and André!


Join the THU Platform and be a part of the awards ceremony.