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Victor Hugo Queiroz is a great friend of THU. The Brazilian 3D artist attended the first event in Troia and each event since. After a number of years freelancing and working at TechnoImage, Victor Hugo started working at Walt Disney Animation Studios early in 2016. An incredible artist, he also produced the THU Manifesto video for 2014. Here he talks more about his THU experiences so far... 


VIDEO: THU Manifesto - finding your magic is an inside job, by Victor Hugo


THU: Can you give me a brief background on yourself and your path to becoming a 3D artist?

Victor Hugo: I like to say that my career is a huge mistake. I tried 3ds max when I was 13 and I hated it. Instead of planning an art career, my plan was to be an history teacher. When I was 19, I needed money to pay the college, so I found this job in an archviz studio in Brazil that didn't require a portfolio for applications. I basically learned on the fly how to model and eventually I started to really enjoy what I was doing. So, it's been 11 years and I never looked back.


THU: How did you first hear about the THU event? What was it, do you think, that made you consider attending when asked?

Victor Hugo: I first heard about THU from Andre itself. At first he invited me to do a one week workshop at his school in Portugal (OddSchool), but at some point he came to me and said: "So, I have this idea of an art event totally different from anything you ever seen before. I'm inviting high caliber artists from all around the world for a 4-days non-stop festival with talks, live demos, workshops and all of that in a really beautiful place where speakers and attendees have the opportunity to talk with each other, no "VIP area"... oh, we also have free beer and wine." How could I say no? I mean, free beer...


VIDEO: Breakdown of Victor Hugo’s THU Manifesto.


THU: What did you hope to share at THU? Was this a mix of your own artwork but also some sort of inspiration for artists there too?

Victor Hugo: More than artwork, skill or techniques, I always hope to share passion. I'm passionate for what I do, and all my skills or techniques are driven by this passion. So every year I try to show people how passionate they should be for what they do, because that is what will make them evolve.


THU: What was the THU experience like for you?

Victor Hugo: THU's motto is "There's no VIPs" and this is a one of a kind experience for me. I've been to a couple of events before and was all about "praise them!". THU is different, you and "them" are on the same place, at the same level. Sometimes it is hard to remember what you heard on a lecture, but you will always remember a good chat about something that you really like. To have the opportunity to hang out with your favorite artist and learn from them in the most casual way possible is the real THU experience.


THU: Was there a particular speaker or attendee you made contact with that had a big influence on you at the event?

Victor Hugo: Yes! Two speakers in particular. The two happened on the very first edition. The opening talk by Scott Ross was a punch in your face about expectations and all the "glamour" that we build around our industry. He broke every single wall and showed us how wrong we're seeing the industry and why we should change our minds. The second one was a very intimate talk by Afonso Salcedo, who talked about his career and why he left Pixar (and DreamWorks after) to start his own company and why this is not about making money but making something that makes you feel proud of how do you live our life. I can say that his talk has a HUGE influence in my life.

It's hard to say "This attendee made a big influence" because that would be unfair to ALL the attendees that had a big impact in my life. I made friends that even not talking with them all the time they have a very special place in my heart. Every portfolio review that I made on THU I met a new story, new goals and most important, someone really awesome responsible for it.


VIDEO: Victor Hugo’s general workflow in creating 3D characters.


THU: How did your THU experience continue after the event was over?

Victor Hugo: For me the THU experience lives on every person that I met over there. On THU you don't make only contacts, you made friends willing to help each other. You met people with remarkable skills that will keep you inspired to create new stuff and improve yourself.


THU: What would be your advice on how to make the most out of the THU experience for attendees and for speakers?

Victor Hugo: Don't be shy and don't waste opportunities. THU is all about networking and information. The event happens on a paradise called Troia, so sometimes it's really tempting to skip a talk and enjoy some beautiful sun or stay the whole night parting at the casino. You definitely have to do that, but remember: you're one of the lucky 500 people who has the chance to ask ANYTHING to some of the best artists in the world. Some artists who go there, it’s so rare for them to attend events that I can assure you: it's a once in a lifetime experience, so make it count.


THU: Anything else you'd like to add?

Victor Hugo: Yes! I would like to say that THU brought me so many good things: from a chance to work at Walt Disney Animation Studios to the amazing fact that I moved to a country that I never visited before and already had friends living on it, but one of the greatest, if no the greatest, was the opportunity to met one of my greatest friends, which I had the honor to follow every step: the tough beginning, the powerful rise, the (almost) inevitable end and now the triumphant reborn (and a really cool wedding!). So, for that and much more, I salute you, my friend Andre! 


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