Marcelo Simonetti


My name is Marcelo and I'm a full-time Freelance Illustrator. I've also been working in Graphic Design since 1998. In these years of experience I have designed from logos to a full corporate image, from banners to e-commerce sites and all kind of graphic materials, both printed and digital, for big and small companies "foreign and domestic".Interested in Architecture, I've studied at Facultad de Arquitectura de la Universidad de la República from 1997 until 2002, when I left the University to fully dedicate my time as a graphic designer.I also spend time on other interests related to art and creativity, like photography, video filming and editing and playing and writing music.In 2015 I started working in illustration, but I didn't take it as a full time job until a couple of years ago, and I'm switching my job career more and more towards being a full time artist and illustrator. I've worked mainly for clientes abroad, in children books, illustrations, concepts, games, comics strips, comic books, books and CD covers, among other works.Photography, video and music are personal passions and hobbies, which lead my to get involved in the filming and editing of music videos, music productions, and photography for some clients. With my former band, Cínica, we edited two records, "Cínica" in 2010 and "Transparente" in 2012.

To summarize, whether there is a small or big opportunity to create something from scratch or recycling something that already exists in a creative and new way, I'll try to make room and time for it. 

Concept Design
Set Dressing
Environment Design
Character Design Artist
Cambridge Proficiency In English
Director at Jirafa Responsiva
Director in Cebra Visual Communication
Adobe User
Freelance Illustrator
Web and UI Designer at Jirafa Responsiva
Graphic Designer at Cebra Visual Communication