Nadia Ruiz


Nadia Ruiz is a Sociologist specializing in organizations and co-founder and CEO of La Tribu Animation. She dedicates her life to research and developing a methodology that improves digital artists' production environments.


Nadia Ruiz is a Sociologist specializing in organizations, master's degree in Nonverbal Behavior and Deception Detection and master's degree in Personality Profiling and Negotiation from UDIMA University, in charge of the Behavior & Law University Foundation, whose professors are active members of the Spanish State Security Forces in the Behavior Analysis departments. With extensive experience in advising organizations, her professional career has always been linked to the digital industry. She is co-founder and CEO of La Tribu Animation, and leads the areas of methodological and organizational innovation, as well as advising on the characters' personality and behavior, and the sociological perspective for the projects. 

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