Claire Wendling



Claire Wendling was born in Carcassonne in 1967. Between 1989 and 1991, she won various prizes and awards for her published works, and was later hired as a Character Designer by Warner Brothers in 1997, where she worked on various ‪‎animation‬ projects. This was the beginning of her international career and recognition.

From 1998, she returned to France to continue work as an illustrator, publishing several ‪‎illustration‬ collections. She has worked as a Character Designer for Disney, and several other production companies in animation, as well as a Cover Artist for Marvel/DC Comics. She even created the poster for the call for applications for the Spectrum magazine in 2015.

She was awarded the Grand Prix of the Quai des Bulles Festival in Saint-Malo in 2001, and also won the award for best Graphic Designer at the Solies Festival in 2010.

She currently works as a character designer for Disney and various other producers in Animation, as well as Cover Artist for Marvel or DC comics.