Hey Tribe, 

The three lucky finalists of the Sony Talent League were announced today during Kanpai Live, where we got the chance to know more about them and their ideas. The episode is still available to watch if you’d like to take a look.

Now, it’s time to invite you to follow along on this journey. Buckle up!

How Can I Join This Journey and Grow as a Creator?

One of the best parts of the Sony Talent League is that, even if you didn’t participate, you can be an active part of the process, helping each other and learning from our finalists and mentors. 

Ever since the beginning, it was crucial for us to make sure the whole Tribe could have an opportunity to learn from this journey: after all, the Talent League is about collaboration. 

Here’s how it will work and how you can join us:

  • Each finalist project will have a page on our website that will work like a diary/ logbook, where they will share their key learnings, feedback, and insights from mentors, documenting the evolution of not only their project but also themselves as creators and human beings. 

  • These pages will be public, and the Tribe will be able to follow along and learn alongside the finalists as they navigate the process of taking an idea to the next level. Our goal is that, when the mentorships end, we can all look back on this content and see how much the ideas and the creators behind them evolved. We are grateful to have the opportunity to document this kind of creative growth because we believe it will inspire the Tribe and challenge your perceptions surrounding the different processes of creation. 

  • Besides having access to a series of educational content surrounding the finalists’ and mentors’ perspectives, you will also have the chance to become an advisor yourself, sharing your feedback, and helping each finalist. 

  • When the mentorships end, the Tribe has a very important mission: choosing the winner. To select it, you will vote on the best idea! 

Who Are the Finalists?

Our finalists are: 

  • Tabitha Karaba and Lydia Mugure from Kenya, for their project "Kawia's Adventure". This fantasy role-playing game will take us on a time-traveling safari across the African savannah to discover an ancient magical land lost to time. 

  • Dilruba Tayfun from the Netherlands, for her project "Togather", a digital platform that will bridge the dichotomy of digital and physical creativity by archiving, rendering digitally, and transplanting hand-picked tools such as twigs, fallen flowers, or anything that can make an organic imprint.

  • Stephan Rumping (Netherlands), Alexandra Van Caloen (Switzerland), and Christoph Graf (Germany). Their project, named "Icebreakers", will take the core elements of comic book storytelling & styling and blend it with the dynamic 3D perspective of VR, creating a unique experience through the remnants of an old civilization. 

Each finalist got funding of up to 12.500€ and ten weeks of mentorships. Mentorships start on January 4 and, over the following ten weeks, mentors will be advising finalists on their project, helping them fulfill their ideas, namely Shuzo John Shiota; Alistair Thompson; Scot Stafford; Sally Slade; Tetsuya Mizuguchi; Peter Ramsey; David OReilly; Kim Jung Gi; Saraswathi Balgam; Phil Lord & Chris Miller; Tyree Dillihay; Craig Berry; Kris Pearn; Sharon Bridgeman. In addition to the finalist's prize, the winner gets tickets for THU Main Event 2021 and 10.000€ of prize money (per submission).

We can’t wait to start this journey with you in January!