If we could get a penny every time we’re told “I have an idea but I’m not sure if it’s what you’re looking for / if it’s good enough/ if it’s innovative enough/ if it’s well thought out/ insert another excuse here”, we would be writing this from a deserted island with a pina colada in hand. However, here we are - writing this from the creative unicorn land we call office - in the hopes we can help you stop overthinking and start submitting to Sony Talent League

“I hesitated as to whether my idea was “digital” enough. Strange how you can obsess over big words like ‘digital entertainment’ in a challenge brief and let that grow in your mind so much larger than it needs to be and almost stop you from sharing your ideas with the world. I’m happy I didn’t let that get in the way.” Relatable, right? Well, the person who said this is Dilruba Tayfun, winner of the first edition of the challenge. She didn’t let her doubts stop her from submitting, and neither should you. 

So let’s do this! When it comes to your STL submission, there is only one thing you need: an idea that mixes more than one creative field. Think of ideas that combine or integrate different digital art forms: film, animation, games, music, VR, digital photography, 3D computer graphics, you name it! Bring different fields together, explore boundaries between creative disciplines, and don’t be afraid to experiment! 

Still not sure what it means to mix more than one area? We’ll show you! Get inspired by the ideas who got the jury’s attention on the previous editions, and go from there. 


  • Second edition: “Knowhere, USA” - a cross-platform experience centered on a 2D animation show and mobile game led by Elizabeth Dix & Gracie Dix, from the United States. “Knowhere, USA” follows Mosi Morgan, an 11-year-old Black, Pakistani New Yorker, as he moves from NYC to his mother’s secret, privately-owned hometown of Knowhere, where everyone is considered a global expert in their field. There, Mosi must figure out how an ordinary kid like himself can ever fit in among so many extraordinary citizens. The future of what education looks like is in tech and, by providing fun, narrative-based games, we can be a leading force in that new wave.
  • First edition: "Togather" - a platform where anyone can make and share their custom digital brushes inspired by real-life objects. Everyone can share the objects and their stories in the library, download the files for use in Photoshop and Procreate, or just browse  the gallery of artworks created using the brushes. Their mission is to encourage users to appreciate and see our living planet with fresh eyes and they’re doing this through 3D brushes. Their official website is up and running, and the team invites everyone to join this project, gather and make their mark: you can download free brushes, create your own, and share your art!


Second Edition: 

  • Carmela, A Life of Freedom. A documentary film combining VFX with science and social activism. It will tell the story of Carmela, who was diagnosed with a rare variant of Alzheimer’s called PCA, a disease with visuospatial limitations that prevented her from recognizing faces or performing the most basic Using different VFX to depict specific symptoms will be of precious help for families and healthcare workers helping them understand how a person with PCA sees the world.
  • Family Britannia. A 2D animated adult-humored TV show concept that combines 2D, Unreal Engine, music production, and voiceover. It aims to solve the problem of representation when it comes to showcasing intelligent male protagonists of African heritage. Family Britannia follows the story of 18-year-old, British Born Nigerian Tech genius Edward Johnson and his journey through the UK equivalent of Silicon Valley.

First Edition: 

  • "Kawia's Adventure." A fantasy role-playing game which take us on a time-traveling safari across the East African savannah where the user plays as Kawia, a girl trying to cross the mysterious plains and defeat evil spirits through the power of dance. Control how the story unfolds as you choose your fate in the interactive film aspect of the game, and survive the choices you make as you craft your adventure! 
  • "Icebreakers," lets you step into the panels of a Virtual Reality comic, and join a dysfunctional pirate crew in their adventures on the frozen landscape, 7000 years after a deadly Ice Age swept through the globe. Explore along with them as they try to evade the grasp of an oppressive government, and the danger lurking in the ice. Along with the first chapter of their pirates adventures, the team has released the toolkit used to build the comic in Unity, all in Open Source! 

There you have it, lots of ideas and places to start on your road to submitting to STL. Don’t forget that you can always reach out to our support team and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you may have!   You can also read “Peer Outside The Box” and “It’s all been done, so what?” to get even more inspired!