For the past three years, we have launched tickets to the Main Event in Troia, which have sold out particularly fast. This is great for us, but unfortunate for those who a few months ago weren't sure they could make it and perhaps waited a little too long to get theirs.

Well, we have good news for you all: we are putting some “extra” tickets on sale.

You must be wondering how that’s possible since we were sold-out months ago and can’t pull out tickets from a magic hat, can we?

This year we decided to reserve some tickets for the people who attend our Gatherings. As you all know, we sadly had to cancel the Paris Gathering for the time being, and so we happen to have some tickets available.

When talking to our partners about the enthusiasm of the Tribe, we mentioned that we had a very long waiting list for the Main Event and they felt like they should do something about it. Few events in the world are surrounded with the magical aura of THU, and they know that. For this reason, they decided not to use all the tickets we reserved for them, but rather return some to the Tribe.

So in the end, we put all these tickets together and decided to make them available once again for you. But this time don't miss this chance, because it really might be the last one.

We don't have the magic hat yet. Maybe next year.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Send us an email at [email protected] if you're interested. We have also temporarily reactivated the option to purchase tickets directly on our website's Tickets page. You will only be able to buy one ticket at a time. Pioneers should contact us directly. No Paypal available.