We are so excited to reveal a project we’ve been working on for a while now. A 3-day event that will unite the art and business community with that THU flavor you all know. Something we call the Creators Circle.

Listening to many of you over the years has made us aware of the struggle that all artists and creators face at one point or another, that is how to turn their passion into a business and give it a fighting chance. Let’s face it, this is probably the last thing on your minds, but navigating that realm is absolutely essential, not only to launch a business but to plan, lead and pitch a project.

The purpose of the Creators Circle is to provide a platform for artists, designers, writers, and anyone else in Digital Entertainment to connect and learn from true masters of the industry. We want to make sure you have the skill set needed to fly on your own and, dare we say it, become entrepreneurs.

But, in true THU fashion, we wanted to add a few more layers to all this. We also want to make the creative world more accessible to people in corporate positions so that its value is perceived and the people in it are understood. We’re talking about all of you executives, managers, as well as entrepreneurs out there, and we’re reaching out with a statement - we need more women in leadership positions. The numbers speak for themselves, and the number of talented women we come into contact with each day simply doesn’t match the number of men leading the industry.

Expect to be immersed in a welcoming, fun, and supportive environment where you can meet other like-minded individuals who are passionate about creativity and hungry for knowledge. Yet, be prepared 3 intense days of a program where you will learn about:

Investment and Fund Raising
Legal Protection
Business Development 
The Production Management process
Brand Strategy
Leadership (management, communication skills, training, and recruitment)
Pitching, Storyboarding & Prototyping
Business Ethics (Social Exchange, Diversity)
The Future of Work
The Dilemmas of innovation and tech tools

We took our time to pick out the venue for the Creators Circle, as it had to be truly spectacular, and we nailed it! It will all take place at Campus La Mola, just 30 minutes outside of Barcelona, Spain. A beautiful and spacious facility that mixes its 17th Century charm with state-of-the-art accommodations where you can also stay (and we encourage you to). We have all-inclusive tickets available to you all, meaning you can stay where it all takes place, taking advantage of the downtime to relax in a sauna, work out at the gym, swim in a pool, or take a biking trail. Did we mention it also covers all food and drinks, which includes an open bar? And of course, there will be time to party.

We believe in everything we do, and we truly believe this will be an important formative experience for everyone. If you want to know more about the Creators Circle, check out the link where we’ll be updating you with the latest news and confirmations.