Late afternoon. You are standing in front of a familiar place. There is an old sign at the side of the door. “Greg’s Tavern”. You walk in.

Many people around you look as familiar as the place. Some others are new. Everyone is reading a big disclaimer on the wall.

This is a call to adventure for every warrior or knight. A journey with a series of missions you must accomplish. There is a she-elf with dark eyes waiting for you in the forest. Every step will get you closer to the final destination: understanding yourself. 

There are some parts of this adventure that can be interactive. The elf-guide will let you know which questions you are invited to answer to get more knowledge. You can write your answers publicly at the tavern (THU Facebook or Instagram accounts), or answer to the elf-guide directly, sending your answers to [email protected]. She may not answer all of them, but she will use every insight to make sure the game helps you understand your inner truth. 

You look at your brothers and sisters. You smile at the new ones around. The path starts here, outside the tavern. There is a trembling light that flies around you as an invitation to follow it into the forest.

The She-Elf is waiting for you. She looks a little bit like Galadriel but slightly shorter and with dark hair. You look at her as she speaks to you. “Tell me, my warrior: are you ready for this journey?"

Part I: The Gathering of The Tribe

Part II: The Silver Lake of Personality

Part III: The Long Cave of Culture 

Part IV: The Forest Clearing of Context 

Part V: The Stone Theater of Roles

Part VI: The Last Part: A New Beginning

About Me: 

I am Nadia Ruiz, a Criminal Profiler that helps people understand and face toxic environments, a Sociologist with deep knowledge about communication and power, and an expert in analyzing human behavior and how it works in society. I am also part of the Tribe, and a high-end negotiation advisor. I dedicate my life to research and develop a methodology that improves digital artists' production environments. So trust me, I will never leave you behind.