Sony’s Talent League by THU is fresh upon us and the deadline is closing in fast. You have a vague idea of what you want to create? Great! You know exactly what you want to do? Cool! You have no idea what you want to make, but you’re excited to submit something? Awesome! All of these are perfect starting points. Now, drawing from Walt Disney’s wise words, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” But where to begin? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Find Your People

  • Identify whether you want to submit alone, or as a group. 

    • If your heart’s set on going it solo, move on to Step 2. 

  • Still working out the “idea” part of things? No worries. It may be best to move on to Step 2 (or start by finding one partner and proceed to Step 2), then come back here to find additional team member(s) as needed.

  • Already have an idea or vague idea of what you want to submit? Perfect! You’ll know what kind of people to gather for your team. And remember, this challenge is open to all areas of the digital entertainment industry: film, animation, games, music, VR, and more. So keep your eyes peeled for interesting cross-discipline collaboration, with a max. of 3 people per team.

  • Onwards, to the search for partners-in-creativity! Reach out to fellow THU tribe members on the THU Facebook group, Discord channel, Twitter or Instagram. Introduce yourself, say hi, let people know what you’re interested in creating, or what kind of teammates you’re looking for. If you’re feeling adventurous, go further afield and check out art and tech forums, user groups, etc. and share with them this exciting opportunity to partner. Secure your team and move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Make it Official

  • Come up with a team name and sign up on the THU website

Step 3: Get Your Thinking Hat On

  • Think of ideas that utilize radical cooperation between different areas of the digital entertainment industry, namely Film, Animation, Games, Music, VR, and more. And keep in mind, the jury values submissions that go across creative boundaries, aren’t afraid of new technology, and present a disruptive concept.

  • The world is your oyster. Don’t box yourself in just yet. Start with pie-in-the-sky, no boundaries brainstorming. Go big, go wild, go crazy. Stay open to the voices and ideas that arise and get a sense for what elements are resonating most with the group (or with you, if you’re submitting alone).

  • Now it’s time to hone your idea. You can approach this from different angles: consider the submission deadline and work backwards from there, what’s possible in that timeframe? Or think about your combined skills/group skills. What would best leverage and highlight those talents while fitting the challenge criteria? If you’re stuck choosing between ideas, perhaps go for the one that feels the most unique, or has topical relevance right now. 

  • Whatever you choose, this vision is going to align your team. Take the time to craft this carefully, so you all know what the end goal is, before moving forward.

Step 4: Move it Forward

  • It’s time to divide and conquer. Every big project can be broken up into smaller pieces. Work out what those are and who can take ownership of each.

  • Set up a timeline, and remember to add some buffer for when things go sideways (which they inevitably will). 

  • Check-in regularly with your team to take a pulse on how people are doing, how things are progressing, if anyone needs help, and what changes or adjustments to the project or timeline need to be made. 

  • Reach out to the THU team ([email protected]) if you need help, or when you encounter roadblocks. We’re rooting for you to succeed and we’re here to support you! 

  • Breathe. Creativity isn’t black and white, so remember to roll with the punches. The project you end up with likely isn’t exactly what you had in mind when you started. But that’s part of the magic. Stay open to possibilities, be honest with yourself/selves about what’s possible in the given timeframe, and you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by the results.

  • Keep track of the submission deadline (November 9, 23:59 WET), submit on time, virtual high five your team, then sit back and bask in the fulfillment of a job well done. You’ve done it! Congrats! 

This is just a framework to get you started. We know it’s not quite so simple, but hopefully this helps boost your motivation and makes the task at hand more manageable. Good luck! We can’t wait to see/experience your brilliant work.