Welcome to Portugal

Welcome to Portugal

Welcome to the country where THU was born, in 2013.

Discover a place where the Tribe unites and creativity comes alive!

A Sensory Experience


Portugal is famous for having delicious food, and its cuisine varies from region to region.


Bask in the beauty of your surroundings: colorful streets, breathtaking nature, stunning beaches, and more.


The smell of warm sea breeze, rosemary, and fresh fish will always bring you back to Portugal.


Portugal is filled with sounds, be it from Fado music, or people chatting in the streets.


Grab the opportunity to create memories you’ll forever treasure.

Memories from THU in Tróia,
the peninsula where the Main Event takes place.

DISCOVER Portugal through the eyes of the tribe


Maria Fontes

3D Artist at Didimo

What inspires me more about where I live at the moment, is the fact that, even though I'm not a very beachy type of person, I do like to be able to walk to the beach at the end of the day, sit in the sand and just watch the sunset. To be honest, it's also a good time to observe people a bit. I also like to go there at night sometimes, sit there and listen to the waves.

João Moura

Former visual development artist at Mikros Animation

My favorite things about Porto are the people, the weather, and the cool hidden places. The city has a particular charm that comes from the mix of ancient history/architecture and a cool hip vibe. You’re treated like a distant cousin whether from old traditional folks or the cool younger people, eager to connect! And the best, if you are tired of the city view, you can go chill at the beach and go for a swim!! Oh, and francesinha! (if you don't know it, google it).


Inês Andias

Junior Digital Researcher at ITV Studios

My favorite thing about my town is how close to nature it is. Being built around the river canals, Aveiro is a small, charming, and picturesque town surrounded by nature and biodiversity. My favorite thing to get inspired by is to walk on the walkways by the river and enjoy the beautiful landscapes at sunset or sunrise.


António Monteiro

Invited Assistant Lecture at University of Coimbra

The first capital of Portugal, this city has a rich heritage regarding history, culture, education, and architecture (one of my passions). Nowadays, Coimbra is a place where people from all over the world come to study and live. You see it in the streets, coffee shops, restaurants, and our beloved “tascas”, there are always people enjoying their time together, with a glass of wine or beer.

Miguel de Veneza Ruivo

Former Illustrator at Anyforms Design

My favorite thing is connecting with nature, which manifests by the existence of Choupal National Forest, a huge forest, or the river Mondego, that goes through the city. These characteristics make Coimbra the perfect place to enjoy biodiversity and feel like you are present in the world. Coimbra is surrounded by such beautiful places that span from Lousã Mountain to the Bussaco forest or the Montemor Castle.


João Fiuza

Illustrator at Paizo

I could say a lot of great things about Ericeira. The tasty fish, the hardworking people, the sun, the streets with really cool doors. But there is something quite out of this world about going to a midnight swim at Praia dos Pescadores. Fish bumping into my toes, surrounded by stars and the sound of seagulls. Bliss.

Maria Morais


What I like the most about Ericeira is how time passes and how the seasons seem to always bring something special and in some way, all of them carry hints of summer throughout the whole year. I especially love Praia do Sul ( South Beach) and the memories that come with it just by pronouncing its name.


Filipe Teixeira

Historical Re-enactor at APRH - Associação Portuguesa de Recriação Histórica

I'm not a city slicker or night owl by any stretch of the imagination... So I tend to gravitate to the quiet places of the city. My favorite spots are the Gulbenkian Garden and the Archery Club in the Monsanto woodland, on the edge of the city. St. Jorge´s Castle also bears very good memories for me as well!

Alexandre Pinto

Former Environment Concept Designer at Filmes da Praça

My favorite thing about Lisbon is that even after years, there are always new little streets, neighborhoods, and beautiful places to discover. I have multiple places that I consider fantastic, but I end up multiple times at Miradouro de Mello Breyner Andresen.


Artur Filipe

Illustrator / Concept art

What inspires me about where I live, is the variety of landscapes in reach of a few kilometers: sea, forest, mountains, and the light. I can always find hidden gems that feel like paradise. This gives me a feeling of priceless quality of life. And the observation of the effect of that light in the different environments helps me to become better at my art.

Sara Leal

Freelance Character Designer (2020-2021) at Passion Pictures

My favorite place...I live near the sea so there are a few, but if I have to pick one, it’s actually the one farthest from it. Grandma´s house... this dry, yet warm and familiar place in the countryside. Nothing relaxes me more than this place at the golden hour.. the colors, the smell & light ... everything turns to gold with that light breeze in summer. There´s no better place to draw.


Catarina Loja

3D Artist at Freelancer

Madeira Island means a lot of things to so many different people. For me, it’s a place to reset, reconnect and rewire. What inspires me is nature. It feels like a whole new world once you’re in it and when you close your eyes and take deep breaths, you are filled with blissful peace. The feeling of becoming one with nature and yourself.


Ana Rita Novais

Animator at Nu Boyana

One of my favorite places in São Miguel as a kid was Praia do Pópulo. It´s a small beach and I had lots of fun playing on the rocks searching for crabs and fishes. I think the most inspiring things about living in the Azores are nature, food, and sunrise at the sea.

A special thanks

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to our partners: you enable the big ideas that make THU stand out from the crowd.