Fall edition

Career Camp 2023

Bringing the Digital Entertainment industry to artists and developers across the globe!

07 — 09 November, 2023ONLINE

Event open to everyone!

Career Camp 2023 has ended

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code of conduct

Embrace Career Camp with a spirit of respect and kindness to make the most of the experience!

Read the offer's description before you apply.

Don't apply for the sake of applying. The number of approvals for each opportunity is limited and if you're not serious about getting a meeting, give someone else the chance to.

Learn to compromise.

Remember the company’s meeting schedule may not be the best suit for you but THU Career Camp offers you the unique chance to connect with recruiters and mentors worldwide and if you’re serious about meeting with them, you’ll have to learn to compromise.

Career Camp is a free event!

Career Camp is a free event! Take chances and get feedback. Take advantage and build connections. Eat cake in between. 

It's not just about job opportunities, enjoy!

Companies often look for something specific, and if they don't see it in your portfolio, it doesn't mean you aren't good or good enough. Even if you don't get picked the first time, at Career Camp there's still lots to enjoy during the three-day schedule, with plenty of activities and talks! Enjoy the ride.

THU Career Camp is a virtual experience.

So, your THU profile is extra important! Review it / update it before joining the Camp, especially if you're booking a slot. Try to fill it as much as possible so recruiters and mentors can navigate it smoothly. Empty, outdated portfolios don't do you any justice.

You must book your approved applications.

After the company approves your application, you still need to book an available slot from their schedule (Offers menu - My Applications). Otherwise, you won't be able to meet with them! Double-check your Timezone preferences and book all your approved applications!

Don’t bail your meetings!

Respect other people's time. Remember that other strong candidates might not have been granted your chance! Please don't bail your meetings; that's not coolio.

Be part of the Community.

Be kind and help out when possible. If you do good, good will find you.


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  • How do I know when new opportunities come up?

  • Can companies limit the number of applications they want to receive?

  • Why do I have pending applications?

  • Yey! My application has been approved. What's next?

  • Why can't I book my approved applications?

  • Will Recruiters and Mentors open up slots for everyone?