London schedule


The THU London Gathering schedule is out


The THU Team is in London and is setting up the venue and making sure that everything is perfect for tonight’s appointment at the Kachette in Old Street.

Doors and registration will open at 6pm. Make sure to come on time so you don’t miss out on any of the fun! You will be served welcome drinks while you wait for everyone else to arrive.

At 6.40pm we will begin the dances! THU will welcome you all and introduce the evening’s speakers and activities.

At 7pm, Foundry’s Creative Specialist Richi Paramo will take the stage to perform a live demo.

The first round of food will then be served by our friends at Chef Events LTD, who will entice our appetite with their delicious starters.

Axis Studios’ CEO Richard Scott will then give a talk around 7.40pm. He will be followed by another live demo by Richi Paramo.

That’s when we will have our main course. Again, the incredible team of Chef Events LTD will serve us their gourmet street food.

At 8.40pm, it’ll be time to sit down and talk about Animation, during the Let’s Talk About This! livestream show. Jaime Maestro, Jimmy Kiddell, Simone Giampaolo, and Richard Scott will discuss how the lines between live-action and animation are blurring and what that means for the industry.

After the Q&A that will follow the debate, it will be time for dessert.

Don’t leave us straight after that, because during the closing speech and our farewell we will share some more information with you, and perhaps a little surprise.

We’ll have time to have a last drink all together and talk to each other before the venue closes at midnight.

Check the whole schedule below

18:00 Welcome Drinks / Registrations
18:40 Introduction by THU
19:00 Live demo by Richi Paramo, Creative Specialist at Foundry
19:20 Appetizers
19:40 Talk by Richard Scott, General Manager at Axis
20:00 Live demo by Richi Paramo
20:20 Main Course
20:40 Let's Talk About Animation! (Livestream)
21:40 Q&A (Livestream)
22:00 Desserts Experience
22:40 Farewell
23:00 Let's drink and talk

We hope you can stay with us until the very end! See you shortly.