It's our second year in a row hosting a Gathering in Tokyo, a sign that we love Japan and Japan loves us!

And we got news! We unveiled our plans for THU Japan 2020: a new, three-day event taking place in the city of Kaga in May next year!

(★^O^★) UPDATE! Tickets are now available for this new event!

Check all the info here!

We're thrilled! This is an indication of THU’s growth as a global community over the past few years, especially in Japan — a territory that understands THU’s vision and values.

THU Japan 2020 will not resemble the Gatherings or the Main Event; it's an entirely new concept where the main focus is to brainstorm, discuss projects and provide guidance on how to take them further. Some of the world’s best creators will look back over their careers, share insights on how they started, and inspire the Tribe by offering advice and life lessons.

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