Last year was the Epoch of Belief. We told the Tribe to believe in themselves, believe in each other, in the power of art and the possibility of a different future. Believing may be the first step to achieving, but the truth is, you can’t reach your dreams if you are not brave enough to get out of your comfort zone.

It’s time to discover the Tales of the Unknown. Raise your voice loud and proud and don’t fear the unknown: embrace it.

This year’s theme is inspired by The Tale of The Unknown Island, a short story by Portuguese writer José Saramago about a man who goes in search of an unknown island.

“All islands are unknown until we land on them… I want to find the unknown island, I want to know who I am when I am on it. Don't you know? If you do not get out of yourself, you will never find out who you are.”

Be bold enough to believe there is an unknown island out there waiting for you. If you don’t try to find it, you may never get out of yourself and discover what you’ve been looking for, whatever that may be. It’s on this journey of (self-) exploration that you unlock new views of the world and new possibilities you never dared to think were possible or even existed.

The wind blows, the sea awaits and, as the sun sets in the west, The Tribe Sets Sail, looking for the Tales of the Unknown. Looking for itself.

Welcome to the start of a new era.

Aftermovie of THU2018, here.