Vera Rehaag


Vera has been enamoured with art ever since she could use fingerpaints. After finishing school in 2008 she continued her education at an academy for communication design, where she learned that she wasn't made to work in an advertising agency. Instead, she fell in love with illustration and animation. Her graduation project was an illustrated book, visualizing one episode of her all-time-favorite youth-audiobooks "The three investigators". She got accepted to the animation school hamburg in 2012, and an intense year of learning all aspects of 2D-animation-design unfolded. Highly qualified people, working in the industry, gave lectures and workshops on their designated field of expertise, such as layout, storyboarding, background design and classical animation. The students then worked in small groups on their own short-film-projects, completely self-managing all steps of the production. Vera worked as a concept and vector artist in the games industry from 2013 to 2019, maintaining an active art-life besides work with private projects, working mainly in inks and digital painting. Her personal work is highly inspired by her real-life-adventures and written stories. In the beginning of 2019 Vera quit her job in the industry to become self-employed and works now as a freelance illustrator and animator. She started teaching 2D animation courses on Skillshare and Artstation Learning, an opportunity to pass on her rediscovered passion.

2D Animation
Illustration and Visual Design
Organisation and Communication