The THU 2017 Golden Ticket Challenge is on! This is your chance to get hold of the last available ticket for THU 2017: The Epoch of Belief. You could win an all-expenses paid trip to the experience of a lifetime, as well as a one-year subscription to ArtStation Pro.

Our partners at Turismo Lisboa will be offering the flights and a 7-night stay in a five-star Hotel in Troia, but also an extra 3-night stay to discover the incredible Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

Winning the Golden Ticket gave me the opportunity to visit a beautiful country I immediately fell in love with,” says Grace Liu, winner of the 2016 edition. “It allowed me to see old and new faces in an amazing gathering, electric with energy of learning. It was most definitely a once-in-a lifetime opportunity and an unforgettable experience!”

ArtStation is instead going to offer the ticket to THU and a subscription to their website's newly released Pro version.

"Winning the THU Golden Ticket is like winning the art-lottery,” says Jakob Eirich, who won the 2015 challenge. “As if it's not enough to get a lot of art supplies and goodies, you are invited to one of the biggest events of our industry to learn from the best!"

Our friends at ArtStation are hosting this challenge for the fifth consecutive year. Like THU, ArtStation was created with a mission to help artists succeed and to be a positive force in the media & entertainment arts industry.

It’s a platform that enables artists to showcase their portfolios in a slick way, discover and stay inspired, and connect with new opportunities.

The spirit of community is extremely important to them, which is why all the work created during the challenge must be uploaded step by step, showing the work in progress and revealing each artist’s process while encouraging them to interact, seek guidance and give support to one another through constructive feedback and comments.

This year’s theme is “THU Clans”, which is an excuse for us to celebrate the diversity of the international community of creatives that makes up the THU Tribe, by enhancing our uniqueness and origins, and creating a visually compelling image that values and enhances each clan's personality based upon their shared cultural heritage. Submissions are still being accepted. You can read through all the rules and regulations on this page!

The submitted work will be judged by some of the most incredible artists out there: Serge Birault, José Alves da Silva, Victor Hugo, Jana Schirmer, and Marc Simonetti. They will pay attention to both the creative and technical details in each image. The theme of the challenge must be clear in the final image and community interaction will also be valued.

The competition will end on July 3rd and the winners will be announced by ArtStation two weeks later. It's not every day that you get this kind of opportunity to improve your art, make new friends, and get to win such an amazing experience.

There will be prizes for the second and third place too, but you shouldn't take part in this only to win. The whole process is part of the reward! To find out more, read all about the challenge over here.

Happy painting!