Last year we kicked off Sony Talent League by THU. What was that, you ask? A chance for young creators to submit project ideas and gain top caliber mentorships in order to bring them to life. We received thousands of submissions, 3 finalist teams were selected, and we followed along on their journey as they pulled creativity out of isolation and collaborated across both areas of expertise, and physical geographies. The ups, the downs, the sideways of crafting a project, we saw it all over 10 weeks as 3 exciting projects went head-to-head. 

Now it’s time for a new journey to begin. Seeing the benefits of last year's initiative, learning from the struggles, and listening to our Tribe, we're kicking off the second edition of Sony Talent League by THU. And you can be a part of it! Whether you'd like to apply to participate as a mentee, a Tribe advisor, or you're just curious to know more, be sure to read on.

The rundown: THU and Sony have joined forces once again to support young creators worldwide, providing the tools for them to succeed: mentorships with renowned creators (across VFX, Animation, Video Games and VR/AR), funding to subsidize full time engagement over the 10 weeks, and guidance from investors and business experts. Yes, this initiative is labeled a "challenge," but the challenge we're referring to is the chance to learn, grow and craft, if not a fully fleshed out project, at least a viable pilot or prototype. The winning team will be awarded the opportunity to present and pitch their project to acclaimed industry professionals and they will also receive a special ticket to a THU next event (which includes travel, accommodation, food vouchers and the ticket to the event).

As you know, at THU we're always looking to improve. We heard your feedback on last year's challenge and took it to heart. As a result, this year's age limit has been extended to 35. And to enable more freedom with creativity, projects no longer have to fit a specific theme. That is, all projects are eligible as long as they fall within the digital entertainment realm, are new (i.e. were not already underway or presented publicly elsewhere), and feature more than one creative field. Last but not least, in this edition, teams can include up to 4 people. You can still go into it alone, but we would highly encourage you to reach out and collaborate - great things come from the meeting of great minds. 

And yes, we get it. Applying might feel scary. Maybe you don't feel ready yet. Maybe you don't think your work is good enough yet. The thing is, if you let those fears stop you, you'll never know what you're capable of. So why not give it a try? What's there to lose? And know that we'll be with you every step of the way - from your very first draft submission right up until the last pitch. 

Ask yourself what exactly it is that makes you think it isn’t for you. Is it the deadlines? The words used in the challenge? Thinking your idea is not good enough? You just might be looking for an excuse not to take that shot. If the first thing that comes to your mind is this isn’t for me, it might be worth thinking what can I take away from applying to this? - Dilruba Tayfun

This is not a competition, this is an opportunity to showcase your talent, collaborate with other brilliant creatives and make your ideas a reality. How often does that opportunity come along? So go ahead, take a step forward and see where it leads you. A whole community of supportive creatives are waiting to cheer you on.

Find out more about the Sony Talent League and submit your idea here. You can enter as of October 8, up to November 14, 11:59 pm WEST.