Dilruba Tayfun


I'm an Amsterdam based artist/designer hoping to illuminate magic in real stories. I find artist bios daunting to write. But I enjoy getting my hands dirty and adapting my visual language to different stories in a raw and playful way. In my personal work I record my environments using gathered twigs. I believe that this makes me the instrument that aids in nature’s own storytelling. I'm excited to bridge the physical and digital, science and spirit, east and west. I'm a graduate of Central Saint Martins with a degree in Graphic Communication Design (moving image pathway). Coming from a much more illustration and experimental animation background, I'm currently a Jr. Graphic designer at TomTom's inhouse creative agency. Previous clients have included The Independent, Mutoid Waste co., Pulse films, and Electric Light Studios.

Photoshop CC
Figure drawing
Pleinair painting
2D & Experimental animation
Graphic Design