Dear Tribe, 
Today we are proud to introduce SONY as a THU global partner. 
We have joined forces, combining THU’s industry-leading creative community with Sony’s world-class expertise as a company that inspires people using the power of imagination and technology. 
As you know, over the years, we have been focused on building and strengthening our community, as well as promoting a culture based on values such as mutual help, unity, equality, and self-improvement.
These philosophies are also a part of Sony's DNA, a major industry player that knows the value of talent and innovation and recognizes the unique value THU brings. Sony shares THU’s vision when it comes to bringing something meaningful to a community of talent who shares a strong set of values. We both strongly believe that, at the end of the day, the key to growth and success is to help all of you grow and succeed. 
Ultimately, our purpose is to help people create genuine connections while building the bridge between art and technology, and that’s precisely where Sony comes into play, a company whose mission is to “fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology.”
Together, we are happy to introduce our first initiative: the Sony Talent League by THU.
As a part of Sony Creators Gate, Sony Talent League by THU is a challenge that aims to make young creators’ dreams come true, finding top talent from all areas, and allowing participants to take their projects further.
Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!


THU Tribeのみなさま
THUの究極のゴールは、アートとテクノロジーをつなぐ橋を築くと同時に、人と人との深い絆を築くことです。そして、”クリエイティビティとテクノロジーの力で、 世界を感動で満たす” ことを使命に掲げるSonyが参画するのです。
SonyとTHUの取り組みの第一弾として、ここにSony Talent League by THUを発表いたします。Sony Creators Gateプロジェクトと連動した、Sony Talent League by THUは、次世代クリエイターの夢を叶えるための企画となります。分野を横断しながら優れた才能を発掘し、彼らの抱くプロジェクトを一歩先に進めることを応援します。