Perhaps you are Mr. Concept Art.
Perhaps you know Mr. Concept Art.
Perhaps you never heard of Mr. Concept Art's name.
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

“There is a potential for all of us to become Mr. Concept Art,” explains the original Mr. Concept Art himself. “Sometimes you don't realize when it's actually going to happen, you just become it without knowing. It's not up to us to decide what we become.”

At first this may sound like a conversation with a stoned high school student, but it was our attempt at THU to interview one of the most popular and mysterious concept artists of our time: the faceless Mr. Concept Art. Faceless because no-one knows his real identity, which is concealed under a toaster head.

“I believe toasters are underrated in their design,” he explains. We don't give enough credit to the way that they look in terms of sleekness, ergonomics, versatility, and aesthetics. We see them every day and we don't realize that's a piece of art we're looking at.”

Art can be even in the small everyday objects. It can be in everything, just like Mr. Concept Art can be in everyone. “If you're coming to Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn, you've already become Mr. Concept Art,” he claims. He also believes his work is not influenced by his condition of anonymity.

Sometimes it can be very hard to explain who he really is and what he represents. He chose this name because “it's a pure and honest name”, he says. He has worked on many projects, films, and games, never revealing himself. This year will be his first year speaking at THU, although “it might not be my first year there,” he says to trigger our imagination.

“Some people maybe misinterpret what I try to do with my work,” confesses Mr. Concept Art. “I hope that at THU everyone will see that I'm just a humble servant of design and welcome me. Because I'm new. I began to reveal myself in the end of 2015, but quickly became quite popular, although I remain very niche today.”

Mr. Concept Art began to get more and more well-known and it wasn't thanks to the help of any industry plan, since he hadn't expected his project to become a “big thing”. “I posted an account on ArtStation. Just some images, really. Someone saw it on Facebook and shared it,” he continues. “Then it just went down like a snowball. People kept sharing it and I was shocked. I was forced to put myself more out there because people demanded it.”

“I love what I do and I love what people do, but I think I may turn some people off, I can't explain why,” wonders Mr. Concept Art. “I feel like they just see something in my works that reminds them of their own evils, maybe.”

When asked about his working process, Mr. Concept Art defines it as “fairly regular”. “During THU I will explain my process in detail and if there's anything irregular about it, the Tribe will tell me.”

His expectations from THU? “I'm hoping to get a lot of sun and am looking forward to meeting like-minded people and making good friends, as well as watching talented people get drunk.”

It's not often that a creative Toaster-head like Mr. Concept Art appears to talk in public, so we are all quite excited at THU, but he remains humble and shrugs off our excitement by telling us, “I'm just a guy who's trying to design his way through life.” Perhaps. But we'll find out in September.