This year, the winner of the student category of our Golden Ticket Challenge will get a very special prize. Besides a ticket for THU2019, flights, accommodation, meals, and a Wacom product, the first-place winner will also get an internship at the Daimler Design Studio!

The internship will take place in Sindelfingen (south of Stuttgart, Germany) at the R&D Campus. The expected period is 2 – 6 months, and the winner will receive the Daimler internship salary.

In the words of the Daimler Design Studio: “we are a young, multi-disciplinary team tasked with designing digital interfaces and experiences that are set 5 to 25 years into the future. Rather than an internship, your time with us will be an exchange in which you will experience our culture and approach, and we hope to learn from your talents and fresh insights.”

The winner will participate in the following:

  • Create visions of future transportation scenarios;
  • Design innovative solutions for future Mercedes-Benz and Smart cars;
  • Build conceptual digital interactions and prototypes using advanced technologies;
  • Explore novel ways of communication between vehicle, driver and passengers;
  • Strategize holistic experiences across all products in and beyond the car;
  • Research trends and developments in design, society, culture and technology.

Click here to join the Golden Ticket Challenge by Mercedes-Benz. Good luck!