2018 was the year of changes. We faced the unknown and challenged our comfort zone in ways we never did before. We embarked on a new journey through the Tales of the Unknown. The Tribe grew in size and bravery.

Now, with a strong voice and resilient spirit, it’s time to discover the Legend of the Seventh Unicorn: There will come a moment when warriors from the seven seas will unite and, as the seventh trip around the sun begins, the seventh unicorn shall rise. On that day, they will encounter the ultimate challenge in their quest to become the strongest Tribe.

This is no ordinary unicorn. He is one of a kind, in fact. A peculiar trojan horse who will take you on a journey of self-discovery and reveal the greatest lesson of all: it is only when you look at the world through the eyes of your inner child that you are capable of truly seeing it.

Remember: somewhere along this path, you were offered the chance to become part of something greater than yourself. You chose to embrace it. To be in a community of talent where kindness and mutual help come first. You learned how to make your own terms and built a world of your own. Now you’re meant to discover it. In this new world, you’re free to be your true self.

Turn your creative energy into something meaningful, but do it just for you. Impress your thirteen-year-old self, who would go crazy if he could see you now. Create something that makes you wish you could build a time machine just to go back and tell yourself all these stories. When you are there, sit with the monsters that lived under your childhood bed for so long and wonder at how many fears you’ve conquered since then. And then, take a deep breath. You may not know what comes next, but that’s never stopped you before.

On this seventh edition of THU, we raise our glasses to the Tribe. To the ones who have the courage to see the world through curious eyes, even if that means being vulnerable.

That’s the only way to go forward. Embracing who we are, celebrating life and having a hell of a good ride.

THU2019: Legend of the Seventh Unicorn | Artwork by Mingjue Helen Chen

Poster in hi-res: click here