My superpower would probably be being able to draw anywhere! I sometimes get shaky hands, but being stubborn about it, I try to sketch in as many unstable locations as possible, from boats to tuk tuks and anything in between. It also makes for some interesting sketches, though I've had a few close calls with the integrity of my sketchbooks...I did find out about some waterproof sketchbooks made out of calcium carbonate, which I absolutely have to try at some point.


I’m not sure if I have a superpower. I’m mostly just weird to be honest hahaha.

If I had a superpower it would be….. I am honestly not sure. Perhaps it is Passion? Adaptability? The Drive and Willpower to overcome whatever is on my path? It sounds cheesy, but I feel like it truly is the strongest thing about me. Where others quit, I persevere or find a smart way around the issue. I love having an adventure, but I think having such a strong personality makes having such a tough dream a lot more bearable.

If I could CHOOSE a Superpower, definitely Superspeed. Or Earthbending hahahaha (you know that would be amazing)


Since most of the superpowers I though I had have been brutally disproven the last two weeks (at least that's what it feels like) I kinda have to go with the same answer as Stephan: Tenacity, perseverance, after all I'm still standing, I'm still believing in the project and I still can somehow muster the energy to pull through and move on with it, so yeah, I'd consider that a superpower of sorts.

For choosing a superpower: shapeshifting or telekinesis, one from the heart and one from the head^^