hmmmmm,, let's see...trying to narrow down by imagining myself going on a year long roadtrip without the chance of human interaction, hmmmm. 

MUSIC! I don't think I can define enough how vital my music is to my existence and the best part is my ears can listen to practically anything so my playlists are insane. One minute I could be listening French soul pop, the next I'm listening to Kenyan gengetone. 

Two! I've battled between salt and vinegar chips and the sun😂 the mind is a mysterious place. But I'm gonna go with the sun, which is something I had never even thought of before, until I backed up and thought to myself how much I love watching sunrise and sunsets. I guess we could even say they are my favorite parts of living, getting to watch that orangey ball of burning air come up in the sky and going down.


Now this is a tough one, so i'll follow Tabi's roadtrip trail, if I was on the road for a year... wait that's quite a lot so lets segment this a little: if I was on the road for a year during the zombie apocalypse trying to get to a safe haven I would bring my Makeup collection. Yes, I know it sounds extremely vain to want to look great as a zombie, but I firmly believe that no matter how bad or scary things get, if you look good, or put in some effort, it goes a long way in building up your confidence to take on the zombie horde. Also, it weighs about 5kgs so it would make for a great close range weapon and the mirrors can be used for short distance surveillance and signaling, and the brushes can be sharpened to shanks, and it's still and excuse to do art on the run - the possibilities are endless!!!

Now if it was a pleasant road trip, you know the kind that you bring a ukulele to, I would have gone with water and my cat Gin, he means the world to me. We'd listen to Upsahl and Chelou in my busted van and chugging good ol' H20! 

Yep that's everything I can't live without: water, my makeup bag and a lazy cutie cat named Gin.