If you were to write your 70-year-old self a letter, what would it say?


Whewww! This week's about you question is something I had never in a milion years even thought of! I just realized I've never on a serious note envisioned myself old. So after a day of serious thinking, I have finally been able to come up with a face I could write the words to! đŸ˜‚Here we go

Hey there granny, 

I hope you're appreciating your wrinkles as much as you did your younger skin :D It's nice to especially see those smiling wrinkles show up, we really looked forward to those. I'm so happy you stuck through all the creative roadblocks and finally found your strong suit and clung on to it; and if you didn't, don't forget time is just a figment of our imagination so go forth and still try sky diving ;). No seriously, try it, you've waited long enough. Remember things are never that serious and as long as you're happy, in this other simultaneous timezone where we are younger, I am happy too.

I hope you still haven't closed the door to trying out new things, we can never run out of exploring. But I know that won't be a problem to you because no side eye can faze you. I hope you still remember to take every day at a time and not to allow yourself to get jaded by the things that happen externally. 

You are still as fabulous as you were 50 years ago so don't be afraid to hit up your granny buddies get dressed and hit the club! You are doing amazing and no matter what may be happening granny Tabi I'm still proud of you for making it that far.

Your favourite person,




Wow this is challenging hang on let me find a pen. If i were to write myself a letter, it would say...

Dear future lydia

I'm guessing you're pretty old now, cool! So if my theories are correct aliens should have made first contact by now, a mini zombie apocalypse started (probably in florida) but was soon contained due to the strain being unable to survive in hot regions. If the above did not happen then things are probably as okay as they've always been, some good some bad so I hope the bad made us hold onto the good and the good kept us going during the bad. 

How are you, really? 

Did you get  DOG? YOU BETTER HAVE!! I'm out here busting my butt so at the very least get us a dog at some point, A bull dog!

Did we do alright? Are you happy? When you look back are you smiling? Did we ever get around to finishing our fanfiction? NO…? Probably? Yeah we should finish that someday, it's been over thirty years…

What are you doing all day? We used to (no wait i still am) draw all day, animate or try our hand at code. Did we pick up music again? What are you doing? I really wish I knew that.

Well, I’m glad you're still here (good for you for surviving the resurgence of the dinosaurs and becoming one yourself hehehehe)... 

I hope i made you happy or at least quit coffee, I hope we finally figured out whatever you're supposed to figure out during our play on the Earth server, I hope you never gave up and that you stayed as in love with living as I've learned to be, I hope you finish your comic, I hope you publish your game, I hope you make your movie and I hope you're still a cactus, (for context, for the aliens reading this, I’m referring to how I require the minimum human necessities to live because the economy, some people call it minimalism)

Okay this is the last ramble, do i still do that? If i've changed a lot maybe i don't even recognize the person you've become... but i hope you still just want to make stuff, i hope that doesn't change.

PS i’m assuming your debt free so duck yeahhhhh