We made up a song! Which was a lot of fun to do :)

You can listen here!


We had some instruments lying around: a flute, guitar and some old woven containers that can be used as drums and I used them to figure out Ayub Ogada's chords in Koth Biro. I can't read music but I have an okay pair of ears ;) Since the chord progression had the mood and feel we wanted and is easily layered, after some alterations we stacked some rhythms onto each other with the help of Joseph, a friend who has better understanding of music than we do, done via a WhatsApp call (all hail tech technology!).

Lastly we added some savannah ambience for that extra kick and we had a theme! It was super fun dusting off the old music hat. I got to create something in a completely different medium so I feel like I've grown a little as an artist.