Learning how to respect the relationship we have with our art, as pointed out by one of our mentors, Mr David OReilly. Treating it as a real relationship and making sure it grows, so we don't burn out and grow to hate making cool stuff or just stuff in general as time goes on. We feel like that's a super important thing we had never even considered till it was pointed out to us.

If we neglect treating what we love well, we could actually grow to hate it, and nope, we definitely do not want that!!!

In order to establish a better relationship with our craft we have resolved to try a makeshift situation where we try and date a hypothetical representation of our art (see image here above). We've named them coffee baby. We are looking to develop healthy relationship habits like spending just enough time together, listening when one is genuinely tired and doesn't want to hang out and helping each other grow. We hope we can treat them well so that they do not dump us, and that they treat us right as well. We shall maintain the good state of this teddy and make sure no harm comes to them. They are also now our team mascot because Tabi's cat said no to taking on that role.