The journey began back in July 2020, with Sony and THU's invitation to connect, collaborate and contribute. The result is the incredible adventure we're currently embarked on. But it all began here: with a pitch and a dream.

Meet Dilruba Tayfun and follow her as she welcomes us into the world of Togather.

It’s like the tools are the storyteller and I’m just it’s instrument!


Let's take a step back and watch nature unfold. Look below & around before infinity & beyond. The idea is to create a digital platform that enables us to share discoveries as gatherers, in search of unique mark-making tools. An app is to act as our portable journal, the web-based platform to discover/exchange our digitized brushes and related stories/processes. Twigs, fallen flowers, anything that can make an organic imprint can be used. Tips on how to render these physical marks in digital programmes are shared between creators as well as a vast library of resulting digital brushes. This dual-platform would breathe new life to dry and dead plants releasing their artistic nectars for creators to pollinate into their world-building, thus enabling these tools to thrive in the digital world of entertainment and indefinitely, in our imaginations. Our context as artists no matter how digital our pursuits will always be bound to the physical universe and we can tap into this all-reaching and instinctual network of natural tools everywhere, within even a 5 minute walk to the local grocery store. An invigorating world of visual languages can unfold - and we need nothing more than the patience to kindle it while it happens, the willingness to surrender to, come togather, and share our tools.


Since the dawn of time we've demonstrated immense gifts of expression using found tools. Throw it back to a hunter-gatherers’ drawings. If we tapped into the boundless, playful essence of found natural tools (e.g. twigs) and translated them into digital brushes, Oh the places we could go! Our living environments have their own stories to tell, and there are creators out there desperate to extract them. This is exactly where we come in as collaborators, and there's already an entire community of us! Fusing organic talents with our creations in the digital realm. Wouldn’t we be overcoming creative distances if we bridged this dichotomy of digital and physical creativity by archiving, rendering digitally and transplanting our hand-picked tools; ultimately sharing the fruit and joys of our primal collaboration? Translating the visual manifestations of these into digital brushes, and watching our natural world thrive in, as well as add dimension to the equally vast landscapes of digital entertainment.

Tools Description

Natural mark-making tools of all shapes and sizes, from absolutely everywhere, Adobe Creative Suite & Wacom Mobile StudioPro.