THU Japan2023

Kaga City
New dates coming soon

We’re working to make this event a safe and unforgettable experience!

The dates will be announced soon, as well as exciting news.

THU Japan is a Storytelling bootcamp in Kaga City

The art of telling stories is what sets good creators apart from the great, no matter their creative background.

That’s why we created THU Japan and came up with an entirely new concept where you will live and breathe storytelling.

From talks with the best storytellers in the world to broccoli picking, and from masterclasses to sake tastings, you are in for the ultimate adventure.

Due to Covid-19, The dates for the event haven't been set yet. Be the first to get updates and more information!

Is THU japan for you?

If you're a creator looking to hone your storytelling skills, this is for you.

THU Japan is for everyone who wants to learn more about creating, structuring and telling stories with purpose.

Our goal is to encourage all industries to be creative, using storytelling to help ideas reach new heights.

Why storytelling?

The greatest tool to inspire and engage others.

In times of information overload and content saturation, a story needs to be unique to cut through the noise.

Despite being the backbone of any project or creative endeavor, storytelling is still not recognized as the future of the industry or prioritized as a skill creators need to learn and master.

It’s time to change that.

Location & Venue

Away from the stress of the big metropolis, Kaga will inspire and energize you with everything the city has to offer. Get ready for an immersive experience!

Location & Venue

5 hour train ride

from Tokyo to Kaga Onsen Station, located in the JR - West Rail

1 hour flight

from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Komatsu Airport


Volcanic hot springs where you can purify your body and soul.

Breathtaking Nature

With views of Mount Hakusan, one of the three most sacred mountains in Japan.

Local Cuisine

Authentic local dishes with lots of fresh vegetables and seafood!

Traditional arts & crafts

Kaga’s heritage includes arts & crafts with centuries of history, such as Yamanaka lacquerware and Kutani Porcelain.

Arrowle Hotel

Welcome to our venue, where part of the story will happen. It's the place where the Tribe unites to eat together, have onsen breaks, attend talks, masterclasses and more.

A Special Thanks

To Kaga City and its Mayor, Miyamoto Riku, for supporting THU and embracing the creative community.

It is our greatest honor and pleasure to be a part of the THU family. Kaga is a city with rich craft traditions and deep ties to the arts, and we are very excited to welcome the innovative and inspirational members of the Tribe to our city, to co-inspire, collaborate, and explore new frontiers in the various fields of the creative industry. On behalf of the people of Kaga, we send our heartfelt wishes to all of our dearest friends, colleagues, and members of the Tribe during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, and look forward to seeing you in Kaga, when all is safe for us to gather in person again.
Miyamoto Riku

Miyamoto Riku

Mayor of Kaga City, Japan