Keeping a polished portfolio is not just about showcasing your skill set - it’s also a testament to your professionalism and seriousness. It tells us you’re fully invested in your career journey.

Before entering THU Career Camp, your THU profile will undergo internal screening by the THU Team. Like any career-focused initiative, we’ll review essential information before validating your application. Here’s how you craft your THU profile to be better equipped for Career Camp and other career growth-focused initiatives:


Complete your THU profile

If you’re a visual artist, we highly advise you to add up to 8 work images directly into your THU profile. You read us right: not to your Behance or Artstation portfolios. Those are great as additional resources and should obviously be up to date, but this is a THU event, and therefore, you should commit to your THU profile and give it some attention before applying. 

That usually means adding a small bio, work experience, or education and work images that cover different styles, wips, and personal works, if that’s the case. Upload images of your most significant pieces that also show your versatility.


 What you should write about

We know it’s not easy to introduce yourself. But clearly and briefly stating your Reason to Apply will help us understand your passion for the craft and motivation to attend the event while it also helps us curate the Camp to your needs. Remember all communication should be done in English.


 Portfolio and Social links

Include those additional social links that help us better grasp your skill set (portfolio links like Artsation, GitHub, Vimeo, to name a few). Add only professionally relevant links. Exclusively select your best works to be featured in these portfolios - quantity doesn’t always mean quality.

Also, double check if all links are properly working before you finish editing and remember to use for those endless google drive links!

Please revise old, outdated portfolios, as they send the wrong message. Study how other people in similar roles introduce themselves and how they craft their portfolios. 


 Identify your technical skills

This tool helps recruiters identify your key skills, within your field of work. Sort only relevant, technical skills, like Character Art, Blender, Adobe After Effects, Copywriting, Creative Strategy, and others.


 Filling out other optional fields

Non-mandatory fields help us get to know you a little better and provide a more holistic view of your personality to companies. We also ask for your personal information to improve your experience at our event. This ensures that you get the most out of THU Career Camp.

When writing your bio: add whatever you feel represents yourself, but you still want to be perceived by Recruiters. We’ve seen really short bios and then some long bibles. Make it short, talk a bit about where you come from, your background, what you do, what you are looking for. Make it concise. Nothing wrong with writing long bios but make it easy for recruiters to understand who you are.

When attending THU Career Camp, attitude is everything. When you enter, you don’t just represent yourself, you reflect a whole community of dedicated artists and humble creators on a career journey. Complete your THU profile, show commitment, show up for your meetings, beware of other people’s time. Give to others what you expect in return.


A special thanks to dear Tribe members and co-authors Texugo and Jesús.