If you're familiar with THU Career Camp, you know that it has always been free since it was created back in 2020, during the pandemic. It was built as a response to all the tribe members reaching out because they were feeling lost and stuck, with many facing job loss and wondering how they could find opportunities and create connections in a way that felt genuine and informal. Like most of our projects, it was born to address something the community needed. This is what moves us: providing solutions and having an impact on people's lives all around the world. Since it's an online event, there were no geographical barriers or visa issues, so the Camp also gave us an opportunity to focus even more on diversity and inclusion, bringing new voices from historically underrepresented countries. 

Three years have passed, and our event has been growing a lot, but there are things we never want to change. We are committed in keeping it free because we believe everyone deserves access to education, guidance, and professional opportunities. 

However, organizing this event comes with costs for THU and our tireless team that works day and night throughout all timezones to ensure you have the best experience. That's where your generosity can make a significant impact. If you would like to support this project and you're in a position where you can do so, you'd be making a big difference.

It's our first time ever asking for donations, and it's our way to grow and keep pushing for improvements while still making this Camp a memorable and free experience open to all. 

We have 6 donation options, and each is greatly appreciated. Also, by choosing the quantity you are able to donate multiples of your desired option, so virtually every value is on the table.

  • 1€ - Heartfelt Sympathizer
  • 5€ - Kind Spirit
  • 10€ -  Devoted Soul
  • 20€ - Nurturing Advocate
  • 50€ - Passionate Believer
  • 100€  - True Believer

Visit the donation page if you'd like to make a contribution. Thank you for being a part of our community and help making Career Camp a truly unique and inclusive experience!