Stephan Rumping


Hello there! I am Stephan Rumping, a Junior Concept & Visual Development artist with over 2 years of experience in the game industry as an all-round 2D artist and 10 years as a student across multiple accredited game art schools here in The Netherlands. While my passion mostly lies in Character and Creature Design, I am proficient in concept art all around. While those are my main skills, I've also studied and gained experience in Storyboarding, a passion I am developing on the side. Minor skills of mine include UI Design, 3D software (Primarily Blender), Video Editing, and a general grasp of coding in C#. Over the years, while not in a professional setting, I've functioned as Team and/or Art lead a lot within internal teams and have, to my own joy, been praised regularly by my peers, seniors, and mentors as someone who is good at critically analyzing how to improve an artwork/asset in a friendly tone and to take criticism on his own work in stride, striving to always reach greater heights with his work. I am very excited to be here once again and while I hope to directly find a job here, I would also be very grateful to establish relationships for future endeavors if nothing comes to pass at this moment in time.

Sculpting (Zbrush)
2D Game Art
Concept & Visual Development Artist
Storyboard Artist
UI Design
3D modelling software (Blender)
Video Editing (After Effects)
Coding (C#)
Team Lead (Internal Group Projects)
Art Lead (Internal Group Projects)