Pedro Ragazzi


I'm a Full Stack Designer that enjoys building abstract concepts into tangible products. With a background in Advertising, User Experience and Marketing, I do my best to craft the best possible solution to a client's problem. I Believe every Design is a Story being told; A tale that must not only delight and impact its audience but also achieve measurable business goals. As a Designer, I help companies to communicate their values through their product and services, effectively creating a lasting bond with their audience. In the 10 years that I’ve acted professionally, I worked in developing Brands from the ground up, Prototyping products for Startups, Art Direction for Games and Cartoons, and as a Producer for original animated series. Crafting compelling stories is a great passion of mine - no matter the tool to reach that goal. While comfortable in many roles, there are areas I’m very passionate about - and all of them create, protect and nurture. Outside of these realms, my favorite pass time activities include Learning new Skills, Kettlebelling, Sculpting, Playing Tennis, Cooking for my friends, and playing with my cat and dog.

Art Direction
Concept Art
Product Management
UX Design
User Experience
Graphic Design
3D Modeling
Project Management