Marie-Claire Springham

United Kingdom

My first boss described me as “a self starter, very cooperative and a team player…with a passion for problem solving and unique and creative ideas beyond the work given.” I thrive by staying open to new input and actively searching for feedback. This combined with my freelance experience allows me to deliver a range of projects from start to finish and with dedication and care.
 My hunger to take on new skills and challenges has been no clearer than during the Pandemic. Alongside completing an MSc in Digital Design, I was part of the winning team in the 2021 Sony Talent League for “Togather”. This ten week sprint allowed me to use my new mapping techniques and create a range of user journeys, but also to hold feedback sessions and apply what I learned to my work, immediately. My go-get attitude is mirrored in the letter of recommendation written by my MSc course director Gabriele Ferri. “She is driven and self-motivated, but she also shows care and empathy for her teammates and for the people she designs for”. I still have much to learn about UX Design, and the possibilities digital media; I can’t wait to use my current skills as a springboard and to learn from people who get as much of a kick out of it as I do. 

Industrial Design
Adobe Suite