Dear Tribe, 

A quest comes to an end...

Today we are happy to finally announce that THU is coming back to Tróia, Portugal and that we have the intention of hosting the main event this year, from September 20-25. Since the Tribe's safety remains our biggest concern, we will confirm these dates next month, in June. 

We're grateful for the journey of growth that Malta took us on and are now coming back stronger because of all the amazing experiences and people we were lucky to meet over our two unforgettable editions in La Valletta. However, one of the things we take pride in is that we're not afraid to start from scratch and reinvent ourselves to meet the needs of our community and constantly improve. That's why no main event is ever the same- we're always changing things up. 

After listening to the Tribe's feedback, we realized something was missing, and the best place to look for answers was Portugal. Over the last THU editions, many of you also came forward (in person and through our event surveys) and told us you wished that the event took place in Tróia again.

Since the pandemic started, we had a chance to stop, analyze proposals from different countries, and think not only about the main events' future, but also THU and the Tribe as a whole. We wanted to make sure we had all the tools to make a difference and keep empowering the community, which managed to stay united and grow together even while staying apart during the last year. The Tribe's growth and evolution as creators and human beings is our biggest source of inspiration, and your ambition will always be our driver for change. 

If you've never experienced the Main Event in Tróia, we can't wait to welcome you with open arms to a whole new experience. If you've been to Tróia, welcome back to the place where everything started- but also expect a lot of change. After all, this is a fresh start, and there's nothing THU does better than new beginnings. 

Over the next few weeks, we will start sharing our plans and initiatives where inclusion, diversity, sustainability, and food, will now play an even more significant part! 

To all of you reading this, we hope to be reunited in September so we can give you a heartfelt thank you, in person, at THU2021.