We have been feeling it for a while now - a looming sense of awakening. As it got stronger, we gave it room to grow and dared use it as fuel to get where we wanted to be. But this journey only took us so far before we came to a halt, realizing that our fears had been placing a haze on our vision of ourselves and the world around us. 

We sat with those fears for a long time. We gave them names, asked them questions, and heard their stories. Here's what no one told us: you can't fear what you can understand. So we made peace with our fears, one by one. And then got up and left, knowing that was the only way to lay a foundation on which the Tribe could stand proudly. 

On a shaky foundation, there's only so much we can grow before things start falling apart. Anything and everything can bring us down: self-doubt, insecurities, assumptions. When we reached this point and were forced to choose whether to change or collapse, we leaped headfirst into uncertainty, embraced the transformation, and trusted that fortune favors the brave. 

This is called a Tower Moment, and ours is here. When a Tower Moment arrives, there's only one thing you need to accept: first comes chaos, then comes enlightenment. What comes next is a celebration of who you are. 

The world will always try its hardest to define you. Others will keep telling you who to be. But beneath all this pressure, deeply rooted in the things that move and inspire you, that's where you will find the core of who you are. Being yourself is not about having a final form, picking a label, choosing a box, or coming up with a one-liner. It's to be open to the possibility that maybe you're not meant to be defined at all, just meant to be.

We want to be a place where you can grow into who you are. A giant whose shoulders you can stand on. So we're saying it out loud: 

We are a home for the Tribe. 

We are a place to become. 

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Poster Artist: Yuko Shimizu
Design Consultation: Atelier Olschinsky