Hey everyone, 

Lately, we've been talking a lot about the new THU: a new mindset and experience for those attending the event this year. This chapter is my way of reaching out and explaining what this means to me and my perspective on the importance of change. 

This is probably one of the words I use the most: change. I never saw change as a sign of inconsistency or what you do because something isn't working. As weird as it sounds, change keeps me grounded - it makes me highly in tune with what's happening, constantly coming up with new ideas. Even if I'm happy with the way things are, I know I need to improve them and keep working to make them truly exceptional. 

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that the Main Event was created to change - be it people's careers, perspectives or lives. In 2013, we knew the industry needed an event for artists where everyone could be the same and connect with no formalities, and a place where said artists are at the front and center of everything, instead of companies or logos. A place that didn't put people into little groups with no sharing or connecting beyond a superficial level. That's when I started to get into psychology and human behavior, constantly looking for ways to burst people's bubbles and take them out of their shells. We also doubled down on surveys and picked the Tribe's brain on what their unfiltered feedback and thoughts were. That's what keeps us going. 

Because shallow is comfortable, but comfort doesn't spark creativity or innovation. And how many times can we have the same surface-level industry conversations without getting bored? It's a cage built by ourselves and our preconceived notions of what's socially acceptable to discuss. We need to stop with the elevator-type talk and start discussing what really matters to start connecting in a meaningful way. 

From that not-so-basic idea, we evolved and tackled the challenge of building bridges between everyone and making people interact and bond, whether they're seniors, juniors, or widely celebrated in the field.

Everyone is welcome at THU, and we make sure to have different projects and initiatives to cater to everyone's needs, no matter their background or seniority. We have activities and tools for creators from all walks of life. Still, it's an event that is becoming more and more focused on developing careers and supporting innovation, requiring a different mindset. 

For us, the artist and the craft will always come first. It's crucial to fight against the industry's individualistic tendencies, map the community, unite it and build the bridges between senior and junior, creative and entrepreneurial. 

If you are passionate and want to evolve, you are off to a great start. And if you're willing to go even further, be vulnerable, and share the ups and downs of that journey, the Main Event is definitely your home. 

To make this home a place to become, we are experimenting with new concepts and doing a lot of tests so we can learn and fine-tune the experience. I can’t reveal everything yet, but here are some of the main things we are introducing…

  • The element of customization: if you’ve been to any THU experience, you know how much we love surveys. And that’s because they are essential to change in a direction that is aligned with the Tribe’s needs. By sending you a survey when you get a ticket for the Main Event, we are able to create an experience that caters to your needs. 
  • Even more connection: We only have a limited number of tickets on sale, which means we’ll be able to have a smaller event with a more significant impact. A place where attendees, speakers, and recruiters can get to know each other and truly connect - like we’re all part of a big, creative, and loud family. We’re bringing everyone closer together. 
  • A new structure & more space for discussion: we want to take critical thinking to a new level. It’s time to debate ideas and boost innovation, making the event a space where we can shape the industry’s future. To bring this new vision to life, we’ve built a new structure with three acts: Career & Industry (to find opportunities and network with companies in a relaxed atmosphere), Inspiration (talks where our incredible Knights share their knowledge and unique perspectives), and Discussion (deconstructing processes, learning new skills and improving your craft). We realized we needed to have a space at the event where everyone could discuss what they learned and exchange ideas, and that’s why “Discussion” comes last. Going home after an intense week without having this moment to make questions and come up with answers together wouldn’t be as valuable. 

The countdown to reunite in Tróia is on, and I can’t wait to see the experience we are building come to life.

- André Luis